Airsoft Guns History And Guide

Deep Look Into Airsoft Guns



Airsoft Guns originated in Japan in the 1980s. It came out of the nationwide ban of all firearms. These guns were designed to very closely emulate real firearms and later evolved to become purely recreational in nature.

They are now becoming increasingly popular, among military and law enforcement agencies, for use and as training tools and methods.


Airsoft Guns History And Guide

Airsoft Guns Models

Airsoft guns come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and can span an enormous price range. More recently, airsoft guns have also started becoming quite technologically advanced and their engineering quality has risen sharply over the last 3-5 years.

The high-end airsoft manufacturers, such as Systema And KWA, have spent over $3million on R&D for a single airsoft gun. Both brands make the majority of their sales to the military and law enforcement markets for training purposes.

And as for Civilian sales they are only secondary, however this leads to extremely high quality airsoft guns getting into the civilian market, as they have seeded down from law enforcement markets.

There are three primary types of airsoft gun.

1- Spring powered guns,  colloquially known as  “Springers”.


Airsoft Guns History And Guide


2-  compressed gas guns,  Uses CO2 and other gases to power the gun


Airsoft Guns History And Guide


3- Automatic Electric Guns –  (AEGs) which use an electric motor to drive a spring powered piston.


Airsoft Guns History And Guide


Fields and locations

Airsoft is becoming increasingly popular nationwide, and is specially growing quite rapidly in the Northeast. Forums are the best way to figure out where you find an insured airsoft field in your state or region. Across New England there are more than 25 insured fields, with hundreds nationwide.

If AIRSOFT SPORTS is of your interest  there is many places around that you can find your favorite airsoft gun at a very affordable price.

Also see the top 10 low price with high quality and performance airsoft rifles in market today.

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Airsoft Guns History And Guide

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