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Hi Everyone

I’m Sam Ammouri – Site Owner


Back in the days

I love sports of all kinds, More so, volley ball, lifting modest weights, Airsoft and paintball games And, I go to the gem regularly.

I also found airsoft to be extremely interesting and opened a special gift shop in 2003 just to sell airsoft products,  to finally loose it in 2012 for hurricane sandy after 12 years of fun and excitement.

I finally decided to share this passion with you online.  This is the best way to reach more people while working quietly from home. With your help and friendship, I hope to continue on this path for as long as I’m still breathing air.

Hope you will find this site as exciting as the airsoft games itself,  and be a permanent visitor and a friend of this site.  I’m very peculiar when selecting or posting on any product on this site. Be confident and trust your pal Sam’s judgment on these product’s picks.

Now click here to explore the new posts – let’s start and ignite the fun!

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Your new pal

Sam Ammouri


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