About Airsoft Guns – All The Information You Need To Know

About Airsoft Guns – All You Need To Know!

Have you ever been approached by your kids and asked you, ” Dad, I need an airsoft gun” And you have to clue to what even an airsoft gun is! Today, lets talk about airsoft guns so when asked this question by you kids you’ll know the immediate answer! (Yes or Know).

Airsoft Is Young & Born in the 1980’s

About Airsoft Guns - All The Information You Need To Know

Airsoft was created back in the ’80s in Japan. The early airsoft guns were powered by a compressed air cylinder which was connected to the gun by a hose. There main sport was for a target shoot and playing war games in the woods.

It became popular along with paintball. Years later Tokyo Mauri the inventor came out with a M16 replica gun that ran on a battery they called it an AEG (automatic electric gun), and since then airsoft took off like a wildfire

Airsoft Guns Are of Low Velocity Non-Lethal Guns.

Airsoft guns were invented and modified to be low velocity non-lethal guns. This was made possible by using a 6mm and an 8mm plastic BB that is very light,  fired at low velocities   Between 145 to 600fps (FPS).

In the beginning, the (FPS)  limit was 350 with a .20 gram BB for all guns. We all know Kids large and small have always wanted to play the tough soldier or cop, I myself wished so,  and these airsoft guns gave them an opportunity to do just that.

Therefore, these types of guns should not be confused with real metal BB guns fired by Co2, Green Gas or very powerful springs. Yes, Such BB guns can be lethal. And both users of airsoft or real bb guns should use the proper protective gear.

Safety Concerns

Children need to play with a proper wear, long sleeve shirts, pants, and gloves are good start. Plastic BBs may leave a red spot through clothes, but on bare skin it can cause a painful blister.

For this fact  airsoft fields around the world have a 10 to 20-ft minimal engagement distance,  and any gun shooting .20 gram plastic BBs at more than 450-fps must keep a distance of  100-ft  for minimal engagement.

While This may sound bad enough to some, but in reality it is a minor problem, and you will find adults on the field all the time in short sleeves playing airsoft. But I personally still do not allow my own to play in the backyard without my supervision.

My greatest concern in airsoft is being shot in the eye with a BB. The reason why all fields indoor and outdoor require full seal goggles specially made for paintball and airsoft. So should you and your kids at home if you practice airsoft as a sport.

Gun Safety Is Very Important!

Airsoft guns replicates the real guns almost 100% and there is an element of danger with these guns, this was an excellent way to teach responsibility and gun safety. Therefor, it is very important you teach your kids all the safety instructions attached to the manuals of these guns at the time of purchase.

Here is some of the Gun safety rules you can start with:

  1. Always wear safety goggles when playing airsoft.
  2. Never forget to point the gun in a safe direction.
  3. Do not look down the barrel.
  4. Always keep the gun on safe mode until you are about to play
  5. Do not put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot
  6. It is of the ultimate wisdom to treat the gun as if it is always loaded
  7. Treat your airsoft gun like a real gun

Just follow these safety rules, and you’ll be safe and have a lot of fun. Yes, airsoft is a lot of fun.

Airsoft Guns Are Exact Replicas Of Real Guns!

To many, this is a big part of the fun, to pretend that you have your beloved real gun in life, Whether that is an AK47,  an M16, a Carbine, MP5, G36, or other. All the things that you can do with a real guns are in the airsoft guns. This is what has made this sport so popular.

There are many countries that have a ban on owning real guns, England and Japan, Switzerland  to name just a few, so, gun lovers sought a refuge in airsoft guns. with their close resemblance to the real guns is the closest these people in such countries can get to experiencing a real gun.

6. Airsoft Guns Can Make The Ultimate Fun!

Above I mentioned the dangers involved airsoft and now let’s talk about the fun you and your child can have.

Target shooting is where we started, with a spring pistol from a near by sports store. I next purchased an AK 47, MY favorite,  because I could do target shooting and play on an airsoft field with it ( or so I thought), then a powerful shotgun and finally a long sniper rifle.

The most has always been using my Double Eagle M4 AEG shotgun and I would highly recommend a shotgun that has an adjustable hop-up, And for accurate shooting and learning how to apply all the shooting secrets of a real gun the sniper rifle has made the most fun.

Forming small army platoons and creating skirmishes in the backyard is really a lot of harmless fun and can prepare you for an organized outdoor airsoft field if you want expand the horizon.

These fields and more professionally run and can be a property owned by a professional ex military person, a or land rented from the state, or a land where the owner allows organized plays. This type of play is mostly based on simulated military type missions.

And the Indoor fields are great for younger players to play in a more paintball  style like. These Games normally last 10 to 15 minutes.

Beware of Your Local State Or County Laws!

Before purchasing any airsoft gun you should first find out what the laws are in your city, state, or county. All those outside the US should also be aware of the laws in their own country.

For instance,  it is illegal in some States for anyone except the child’s parent to give a child an airsoft gun. And in many cities and towns it is illegal to discharge any BB gun even airsoft guns, so target shooting even in the backyard can be illegal. And some states do not allow an airsoft gun to leave the store if it is unboxed.

Safety Accessories

For your piece of mind,  here is some of my top recommended airsoft safety accessories you may need to have for you and the kids. They are effective and affordable.

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Hope this was of great help to you in learning the facts about airsoft guns. Just adhere to the rules, have the right gear, play it safe, know your local laws and you’ll be on your way to a new type of fun as exciting as ever before!



Sam Ammouri

About Airsoft Guns - All The Information You Need To Know



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